Reasons Why We Must Have Insurance

When we are young, healthy, financially secure, and savoring the pinnacle of our life, we may question the need for insurance. One of the most effective decisions you can make is to save aside money for unexpected emergencies, regardless of how much money you make, how well your business is doing, and how fit and healthy you are.

There is a wide variety of insurance available, including but not limited to the following: health, unfortunate incident, retirement plan, life insurance, automobile insurance, property, liability insurance, and more. The primary function of any insurance plan is to protect you from risk and reduce your financial load at the time of crisis.

What types of coverage are necessary?

We’ve all heard multiple times that we need to look after ourselves by investing in insurance, whether it be health, life, property, or business. However, we usually refrain from buying insurance coverage because we wonder, why do I need life or health insurance as a young and healthy person? Or why do I need commercial insurance if my company is doing well? 

Contrary to popular belief, we all need an insurance policy, regardless of our health, wealth, or business success. This is because acquiring insurance coverage for people in Oregon you care about provides financial protection for you and your family in times of crisis. This article will cover the three types of insurance plans that most financial experts highly recommend.

Life Insurance

People have a tendency to avoid discussing the need for life insurance. Yet it’s crucial in various ways. If you have dependents, specifically kids or a significant other who does not work full-time, it’s your moral duty to make arrangements for their financial security.

If you have life insurance coverage, your loved ones will be prepared to deal with the monetary burden you will leave behind when you are no longer around. Life is unpredictable, and having EPBB insurance will grant you peace of mind. You can also plan your retirement by enrolling in a pension that provides regular monthly earnings.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a way to make sure you and your family members receive access to the leading medical care available without financial difficulty. With health insurance, the policyholder is not responsible for paying for their own healthcare.

The insurance holder pays a monthly fee to the insurance company; in exchange, the business agrees to pay for all medical expenses involved with dealing with the guaranteed individual in the event of illness. This typically includes hospitalization, childcare, post-hospitalization, and many more. And, with the cashless option, your bill is paid off directly between the company and the hospital.

Liability Insurance

This insurance policy may protect property, cars, businesses, and anything else of value. When a person purchases liability insurance, such as auto, homeowners, or business insurance, the big or small business insurance broker agrees to financially reimburse the owner of the policyholder in the event that any damage strikes the insured possession or property during the coverage’s term.


We hope this comprehensive list has convinced you of the desire for insurance. So, protect yourself and your family with life, health, liability, and other types of insurance. If you are unsure what types of coverage you need or want more relevant information on any of the insurance policies discussed here, do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent for guidance.