5 Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog

According to studies, dogs have been in domestic contact with humans for 30,000 years, which may indicate that they have adapted to our communication habits and way of life. Even though dogs can communicate their needs through body language and simple gestures, pet owners sometimes neglect their furry companion’s need to exercise.

If you’re a fur parent who’s not physically fit, needs to lose weight, or is too lazy to exercise but wants to get in shape, your dog is an ultimate fitness tool and companion. So let’s discuss the best exercises you can do with your dog to be physically healthy and fit.

Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

The benefits of exercise are well-established and can be tremendous for us and our pets. Fortunately, dogs are always full support for whatever adventure we plan, and they make great workout buddies. So if you’re looking for ways to be physically fit with your furry companion, we have collected the five best exercises to get you started.

1. Walk, jog, and run

Train your dog for a walk or hike, and do it for approximately 15-20 minutes, then gradually increase the time for up to 30 minutes when they get the hang of it daily. When they get comfortable with walking, try jogging or running with them. If your dog doesn’t have physical activities to do for the day and they’re already used to exercising, you can walk with them for 45-60 minutes daily.

Also, remember to make short stops when walking or jogging, and always check your pet to see if they’re moving fine. If you suspect fractures or broken bones, stop the activity immediately and consider taking them to animal facilities that offer dog cold laser therapy. The mentioned treatment can help pets recover quickly and reduce pain associated with joint issues.

2. Bubble blowing

Bubble blowing is a fun and simple exercise for dogs that like to chase. Get a kids’ bubble solution and blow some bubbles for your dog to attack. You may also buy bubble solutions for dogs. There are delicious flavors like peanut butter or chicken that can make the game more entertaining and one your dog will love.

Not sure about how much exercise your dog needs every day? You may inquire about it when you take your pet for a regular dog checkup.

3. Swimming

Aerobic exercises such as swimming are great for dogs. According to professionals, five minutes of swimming for dogs is equivalent to five miles of walking. So if you have a water dog breed, add swimming to your routine exercises with them to improve their heart health. 

However, always observe moderation if your dog has cancer. If they overexert while exercising and show signs of breathing difficulties, take them to the vet oncologist immediately to be checked. You may click here to learn more about dog oncologists.

4. Fetch

Playing fetch with your furry companion can be entertaining, especially in a spacious yard or home. This game can also help dogs release pent-up energy and keep them engaged and active.

5. Visit a dog park

If your dog is socially active around its fellows, they’ll love visiting a dog park. Physical fitness is just as necessary as socializing, so your dog must learn how to cope and interact with their fellows. But if you’re experiencing challenges with your pet interacting with other dogs despite training them, consult an animal behaviorist to correct this attitude.