On Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s easy being green.

Every March 17 parades abound, revelers jostle in the streets and Irish symbols spring up like clover in an emerald field.

Countries all over the world have embraced the celebration of Ireland’s most famous saint and Canada — which even features Irish iconography on our coat of arms —is no different.

But did you know that symbols of Ireland can also be found in the Senate?

A depiction of Saint Patrick himself is located on the northeast corner of the Senate ceiling. Saint Patrick was named the patron saint of Ireland after his death on March 17 in the fifth century.

The harp, a national symbol of Ireland found on Irish euro coins and used by many Irish brands, can also be found on the Senate ceiling.

A shamrock, or clover, appears on the ceiling of the Senate foyer. The three leaves of the shamrock are said to represent hope, faith and love.

Find a fourth leaf? Then you’ve got the luck of the Irish. And that’s not blarney!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!